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Eastern White Pine Windsor Chair Seat Blanks

20"-22" square 2-1/8" thick



Our White Pine seat blanks have been dried in a dehumidification kiln on a slow cycle with the temperature never going above 100 degrees. This ensures both the lignin and pitch do not set and the blank remains easy to carve.



Prime: Our Prime seat blanks are visually inspected for cracks and 100% knot free.


#2 Grade: Our #2 grade blanks are visually inspected for cracks and may have knots up too 7/8" on one face or multiple small knots (1/8-3/8") on both faces.


2-3 Piece: Our multi piece seats are 2-3 piece of prime clear material ready to edge joint and glue. Grain orientation will vary and the piece do not always come from the same board. 



All blanks are dried to a moisture range of 8-15% at a low temp of 100 degrees or less to ensure optimal carving. Each blank has been double coated with Anchor Seal to maintain equilibrium and prevent checking

Windsor Chair Seat Blank - White Pine

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