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Nol Putnam Memorial Hammer-In

November 18, 2023 


12697 Mountain Valley Road

Broadway, VA 22815

Special Guest!

Ellen Durkan is an artist blacksmith from Wilmington, Delaware. She teaches part time at a college and has her own business, Iron Maiden Forge. Her current body of work is inspired by the human body. She creates wearable “Forged Fashion” art that she presents through performance runway shows in addition to her large-scale drawings. Ellen received a graduate degree in Fine Arts. She teaches blacksmithing classes, workshops and presents forging demonstrations for conferences and events.


Join Ellen as she demonstrates her work at the Hammer-In!


Special Guest!

Caitlin loves blacksmithing. The Vermont native runs Ms Caitlin’s School in Maryland, which is dedicated to sharing the craft with as many unsuspecting people as possible. She also teaches around the world.


Ms Caitlin is a founding member of the Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths. She is making the craft more accessible and inclusive through pioneering body mechanic research, and neuroscience-based teaching curriculum.


Join Caitlin for a Hammer Skills Clinic at the Hammer-In

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